The essence of tantra

Osho on the Essence of Tantra

Sex is a biological need – a relic of the animal kingdom. But the worst thing you can do to get rid of it is to suppress it. Then it becomes perverted and it is going to lead a life of its own. Then you become afraid of your own subconsciousness, that in the average person is about nine times larger as his conscious mind.

The average person uses only 10 percent of his mental capacity, doesn’t he? Fear for the subconsciousness is created by the suppression of experiences, desires and passions. Then you feel, don’t you, that you can encounter things that you do not want to encounter. Thus, religions have divided the people and made them neurotic: psychotic, schizophrenic or at least hypocritical.

When true holiness (integration of body, mind and soul) dawns, you will realize that sex is something primitive, something childlike, some animal thing, and as such it is a bit stupid and a great loss of energy. By means of Tantra you learn to live through sexuality consciously, you’re going to permeate it with your consciousness, without trying to suppress it in slightest degree. Then the grip it has on you becomes less and less, and a more spiritual love arises. For indeed, in the experience of sexuality as such there is not much love. It is a biological, chemical, hormonal urge. It only becomes a happening full of love when we, with our loving hearts and loving souls, permeate it with love. This is the essence of Tantra.

 And when our consciousness starts to irradiate and to dominate our whole mind and our whole body, then the dependence on sex, the being addicted to sex, gets an increasingly less strong hold on you.

Someday it falls away from you. It disappears from your life – like cigarettes can disappear from your life – and then you have arrived at a new level: the level of true love, spiritual freedom, independence, friendliness, compassion, that radiates from you to all sides.

This happened for example with Gautama Buddha.He had enjoyed his sex life so much, that at the age of 29 he had had enough of it. It was further perceived by him as useless: not interesting, not relevant.

Seen from the outside, it looked as if he had turned his back on sex and people interpreted it from their low understanding, from their own sexual addiction, that he abstained from sex by force. That he had imposed celibacy on himself.

Then, when they saw his great wisdom and love, the following logic was thought: He has become so great and enlightened thanks to his detachment, his giving up sex. Since that time – now 2,500 years – this misunderstanding has been held up: one also becomes a monk and one imposes celibacy on oneself. But in all those centuries it has not brought a single new Buddha!

So in reality it is the other way around: when wisdom increases, based on experience, then sex loses its grip on man – not before!


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